NC Chamber Expecting A Battle With Workers' Compensation Reform (NC House Bill 709)

The past few days we’ve been posting frequently on NC House Bill 709. The bill aims to reform the North Carolina workers’ compensation act. Yesterday, News & Observer blog “Under the Dome”, which is the “inside source on North Carolina politics and government”, touched on the NC House Bill 709 with a little blurb. In a nutshell, the post states how the North Carolina Chamber is urging its members to start giving money to amp up for the workers’ compensation reform battle. Below is an excerpt from a memo from the president of the North Carolina Chamber, Lew Ebert:

“Plaintiffs’ lawyers and labor unions are already mounting a well-financed, coordinated attack on this [Chamber-supported] bill. They flooded the legislature … to oppose the legislation even before it had been introduced!”

…more from Ebert in an e-mail to the members of the North Carolina Chamber.

“Our lobbyists are working around-the-clock and going toe-to-toe with our opposition — but it will take an organized, united business community to get this legislation passed!”