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The Raleigh personal injury lawyers at Hardison & Cochran, Attorneys at Law, serve as advocates for residents of Raleigh and the greater Triangle area who have been injured in accidents caused by others’ negligence.  Our knowledgeable attorneys and legal staff assist people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury accidents as well as injured workers who are having difficulty obtaining worker compensation benefits.

Our clients come to rely on the trusted guidance provided by Hardison & Cochran attorneys. We put a group of attorneys and staff on each case to pursue the best possible results for our clients. Our clients know that the legal work provided by Hardison & Cochran costs the client nothing unless our attorneys secure a recovery for the client. This gives us extra incentive, and it protects the client.



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Hardison & Cochran is a major North Carolina law firm with seven offices from Wilmington to Greensboro. Our Raleigh office recently moved and is now located at:

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Our attorneys handle a range of injury cases. We may be able to assist if you have been injured through no fault of your own because of a:

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Do I Need an Attorney If I Have Been Injured on the Job in Raleigh and Have a Disputed Workers’ Compensation Claim?Workers-Comp-Attorney-Raleigh-NC

If an employer or the employer’s insurance company denies a workers’ compensation claim, the injured worker has a right to appeal the decision by requesting a hearing before the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed as a no fault system. Injured employees in North Carolina are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits including paid medical care and a portion of their wages, regardless of who is at fault in a workplace accident.

A workers’ compensation attorney can review the facts about your workplace accident and gather medical evidence to help you present the strongest possible claim for benefits.

Workers’ compensation law can be confusing and intimidating if you are trying to handle a claim without legal assistance. Hardison & Cochran has attorneys who have received additional training and education on workers’ compensation law and are Board Certified Specialists in North Carolina Workers’ Compensation.

Call us toll free at (800) 434-8399. We treat every injured workers’ compensation claim seriously and will respond to your call within 24 hours.

How Do I Know that I Need a Raleigh Car Accident Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident caused by another driver and you are struggling to cover your accumulating medical bills, you should have an experienced lawyer review the accident and your legal options. You may be entitled to seek monetary compensation from the at-fault driver and their insurance provider.  There is no charge or obligation for having a Hardison & Cochran attorney review your accident. Then you can make a better informed decision about how to proceed.

Traffic Accidents in Raleigh and Wake County

Wake County has experienced explosive growth in population in the last three decades and now has a population approaching one million people according to the recent U.S. Census estimates. More than 400,000 people reside in Raleigh, the Capital City.

More cars, heavier traffic and unfortunately more accidents have accompanied the rapid population growth of the Raleigh area and made car accidents all too common. Some are minor fender benders that may be settled without an attorney. But many collisions cause serious injuries or fatal injuries. Of the 63 people who died in motor vehicles accidents in Wake County in 2014, nearly a third of the fatal accidents involved an alcohol-impaired driver.Drunk young man drives a car with a bottle of beer. Raleigh, NC

Here’s a list of the intersections in Raleigh with the highest number of crashes, as compiled by the city of Raleigh and reported by ABC11 news.

  • Poole Road at New Hope Road
  • Hammond Road at Tryon Road
  • Davie Street at Wilmington Street in downtown Raleigh
  • Edwards Mills Road at Wade Avenue
  • Dawson Street at South Street
  • Millbrook at Old Wake Forest Road
  • Rock Quarry Road at Martin Luther King Boulevard
  • Lumley Road at Brier Creek Parkway
  • Wake Forest Road and Ollie Street
  • Saunders Street at Ileagnes Road

The City of Raleigh has installed red light cameras at 15 dangerous intersections where frequent red light running causes many accidents. The SafeLight program signs alert motorists to the danger of the intersections and discourage drivers from running red lights, which can cause angle collisions. According to the City of Raleigh, fatal collisions caused by drivers running red lights are increasing three times faster than other types of fatal accidents. A vehicle passing over a sensor in the pavement at a set interval after the traffic signal changes to red triggers the cameras.

Where Are Personal Injury Lawsuits Heard In Raleigh?

Civil cases involving serious accidents and personal injuries involving more than $10,000 in damages are tried in Wake County Superior Court.  These cases are tried before a Superior Court judge and jury. Many injury cases are settled before trial.

The Wake County Clerk of Court and courtrooms are located in the Wake County Courthouse at 316 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh.

Wake County Superior Court is part of the North Carolina Court System, which groups counties into 46 superior court districts. Wake County is District 10.

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The first step toward financial relief after a serious accident is reaching out to an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney.  The attorneys at Hardison & Cochran are committed to providing personalized service to each client we represent.

Hardison & Cochran has the experience and resources to investigate an accident thoroughly and help you seek full compensation for your medical expenses and other losses.

Contact a Raleigh injury attorney at Hardison & Cochran and let us provide you with a free case evaluation.

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