How We Work

Our firm is unique in that from start to finish the client and the case are given full support by a group of attorneys and staff who provide the teamwork necessary to obtain the best possible results for our clients. It is not uncommon to have more than one attorney working on a case.

Usually, our initial conference with our client is on the phone giving a free review of the claim. If the caller wishes to hire our firm, we assign an investigator to meet with the client right in the client’s home. We have found our clients want this service and it makes it convenient for our client.

Once the client retains the firm and our investigator has obtained the initial information, the case is assigned to the firm’s case division (i.e., Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation or Social Security).

Each division is headed by one of the partners who then assigns the case to an experienced attorney and one legal assistant. This attorney and the legal assistant work with the client throughout the case. It is not uncommon, however, to have more than one attorney or more than one legal assistant also work on the file. We decide at all times during the course of the case what is in the best interests of the client and getting the best possible results.

Our firm believes an educated, informed client gets the best results. Thus we spend a great deal of time making sure our clients understand what is going on in the case. Our clients get copies of everything sent on their case. Someone in our firm talks at least once a month to our clients to make sure we are up-to-date on all treatment and recovery.

When our clients call in they are encouraged to talk to the attorneys. We do not let our attorneys hide behind staff. Unless our attorneys are out of the office for trial or hearings, our attorneys return all phone calls the same day.

We believe that some lawyers are “experts”, dispensing opinions and advice. We like to believe our lawyers are “advocates”, developing and maintaining a personal and professional relationship with our clients so that our clients become clients for life.

Because of our intense attention to our clients, our clients refer many cases each year to our firm. We believe this is the highest compliment we can receive.