Client Testimonials

From the very first contact I had with Hardison & Cochran I could tell that my best interest was a priority. My Case Manager was always ready to help me and get answers to any questions that I had. Ben Cochran handled my case and I can say that he kept me informed of how it was progressing as well as making sure I saw the doctors I needed to see . When it came time to settle my case Ben went the extra mile for me!

Greg W.

My experience with Hardison & Cochran amazing. When I first called them they made me feel like I was important. They advised me that someone would come to me and do my intake and that I didn’t have to come to them. They always called to check up on me they was always requesting medical records and stayed on top of my case. My lawyer was a superb in the courtroom. This is a firm that I trust with my life. I would recommend and would gladly use them again! Thanks Hardison & Cochran

Stevie T.

In my opinion, there isn’t an attorney in North Carolina better than Ben Cochran. I had a slip and fall accident on the job and had to have surgery, but my employer didn’t have coverage. Ben was there to answer any questions I had. Unbelievably, he seemed to answer every time I called him. He kept me well informed of what was going on and he took the time to make sure that I understood what he was saying. This was a very difficult time for me being injured and not knowing what to expect from my employer. Ben didn’t make any promises to me about the outcome, but however he did assure me that he would do his best. Now seven months later I am well pleased with the job Ben did for me. I recommend the Harrison & Cochran to anyone who wants an attorney who really cares about its clients.

Aaron S.

I would recommend Hardison & Cochran to everyone to everyone and use them again if/when I ever need them! Very professional. Great with communication and overall just get the job done! They answered any and all questions I had to the fullest extent and I was more than happy with my results! Thank you Hardison & Cochran!

Lindsey B.

My interaction with Hardison & Cochran was superb. They kept me fully informed of my case and advise on what to expect and everything went accordingly. I especially was elated with the client/attorney confidentiality and relationship. Hardison & Cochran was at my disposal for my every need and question! Thumbs up!

Toney H.

Great law firm. They are good at getting the job done. Attorney Adam Bridwell and Mrs. Tammy I appreciate your service.

Paris L.

Hardison & Cochran help me with a work related injury. They walked me through every step. They were very caring and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who wants great representation. Thank you for all you’ve done for me Hardison & Cochran.

Doris C.

What an amazing family! Not only did they represent me they truly showed how much they cared by listening to every word and every concern. And at the end of the day when they felt it wasn’t enough compensation they kept fighting and negotiating and never gave up. No matter what time of the day or day of the week if I had a question I could call. Even if I just needed to talk to someone or vent, there was someone always there and that is why I say what an amazing family. Thank You so much words can’t describe how much I appreciate a company like yours Hardison & Cochran. I would highly recommend this law firm to everyone.

Rhonda R.

Thanks for all your help Carter Whittington. It was greatly appreciated. I couldn’t have gone that far with my case alone. You were very knowledgeable and understanding of my needs and did you best to provide assistance. Once again I thank you for your professionalism and hard work. It’s law firm and attorneys as yourself that make things better for the people. If you need help with anything see Hardison & Cochran .

T. McCoy

After my very first car accident, I was piled with the most stress I have ever felt. I had bills falling on me like confetti, I had to figure out how to pay off my brand new car, and I had to finish my teaching year. My uncle told me to get a lawyer and let the lawyer handle the stress for me. I found out about Hardison & Cochran, and now after 8 months, I feel extremely relieved I chose this law firm to handle the legal mess for me. Attorney Rick Scott and Amber were so respectful towards my time, and they were so kind and helpful every single time we talked that I felt better and better through this crazy process. I recommend this law firm to anyone looking to relieve some of the accident and legal stress.

M. Khan