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woman injured in a car collision

The attorneys and staff at Hardison & Cochran are tireless advocates for our clients. We firmly believe in an educated and informed client.

That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure that all of our clients understand what is happening with their case.

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woman injured in a car collision

Every day, our experienced personal injury lawyers at Hardison & Cochran help people who have sustained serious injuries in car accidents in Raleigh and across the Triangle and North Carolina. The fact is that you cannot control whether another driver speeds or drives recklessly and causes a crash.

But you can control how you respond after an accident if another motorist’s carelessness has left you with injuries and medical expenses.

Contacting a knowledgeable Raleigh car accident lawyer to gain a clear understanding of your legal options is an important first step to regaining control of your life and moving forward.

The injury attorneys at Hardison & Cochran have more than 30 years of experience standing up for North Carolinians who have been injured in auto accidents. Schedule a free consultation and review of your accident case. Contact us today.

Don’t delay in taking action. The sooner you contact the injury attorneys at Hardison & Cochran, the more quickly our skilled attorneys can start to work on your case.

What Can An Accident Lawyer Do for You?

After a serious car accident, you need to know your legal rights and you need trusted legal guidance and answers to your questions. Our experienced accident attorneys serve clients in a number of ways after an accident. We will:

After a serious car accident, you need to know your legal rights and you need trusted legal guidance and answers to your questions. Our experienced accident attorneys serve clients in a number of ways after an accident. We will:

  • Listen—We will talk with you to get an understanding of how your crash occurred, what injuries you sustained and why you want to take legal action. We will listen to your concerns and try to address your questions. We will discuss your legal options and whether we believe you have a valid personal injury claim. We can let you know what to expect as your case moves forward.
  • Handle Case on a Contingency Fee —Our attorneys understand that you may be experiencing financial stress after a serious accident. You will not have any out-of-pocket costs. We will not charge you a legal fee unless we obtain money for you through an insurance settlement or jury award.
  • Make Sure You Receive All Necessary Medical Care – We can work with insurance companies and healthcare providers to make sure your two most pressing needs are addressed after a wreck: Helping you get the medical treatment you need and getting your car repaired or replaced.
  • Conduct a Detailed Investigation–We work with investigators and accident reconstruction experts as needed to determine precisely how your crash occurred and who should be held responsible. We analyze whether speeding, drunk driving, drowsy driving or distracted driving contributed to the crash and collect evidence to build your case. We also investigate whether the at-fault driver’s employer should be liable, or whether a bar or restaurant who served alcohol to the driver should be held liable.
  • Identify Insurance Policies—We identify all applicable insurance policies that may provide compensation for your injuries. North Carolina law requires vehicle owners to have liability insurance that covers injuries and damage to others’ vehicles.
  • Take Care of Necessary Paperwork—Our attorneys will file all required documents with the insurance companies and the courts. We will keep track of all filing deadlines so your case moves forward smoothly.
  • Seek Full Settlement—We will send a demand letter to the appropriate insurance companies seeking full compensation for your losses and negotiate aggressively on your behalf.
  • Go to Court—Preparing your case thoroughly as if it will it go to trial gives our attorneys more leverage in negotiating with the insurance company. If a fair settlement isn’t reached, we will be ready to fight for you in court.
  • Resolve All Liens—If you receive a verdict or settlement, we can ensure that all healthcare liens, workers’ compensation liens or other claims are paid and resolved.

We have offices located in Raleigh, Durham, Greenville, Greensboro, Fayetteville, Dunn, Southern Pines, and Wilmington.


It was a really long wait to get a hearing but once it happened and you had all the details taken care of and everything just dropped into place. I want to express my sincere thanks for all you and your firm did for me and my family (especially all the hand holding when I needed it.)

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