If I get injured on the job, what should I do next?

First, notify your employer. Second, contact an attorney who will provide helpful guidance and make sure your rights are protected from the beginning.

You can report your injury to your boss, manager, a supervisor or directly to a human resources office. Make sure that an accident report is filed with the proper person or office.

Keep in mind, under North Carolina workers’ compensation law, your injury must be reported to your employer within 30 days of the accident unless it can be shown that the employer had knowledge of the injury. The N.C. Industrial Commission also may, within its discretion, allow the claim to be filed as long as the employer was not prejudiced by the delay.

However, even if you are not sure whether your injury is serious, the best practice is to notify your employer right away in order to avoid any questions about your injury and the date it occurred.

If you contact an attorney after notifying your employer, the attorney can help to make sure that all forms are properly filed and work with your company’s workers’ compensation insurer to secure any benefits that you are entitled to receive.

See our page on Steps to Take When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim to learn more details about reporting your injury and related matters.