What is the North Carolina Industrial Commission?

The North Carolina Industrial Commission is the authoritative body tasked with administering Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina. This commission plays a pivotal role in the oversight and adjudication of work-related injury claims across the state of North Carolina.

Structure and Function

Comprised of Deputy Commissioners and Full Commissioners, who effectively act as judges, the NC Industrial Commission, among other duties, is responsible for overseeing North Carolina workers’ injury claims.

Filing a NC Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you suffer a workplace injury in North Carolina, initiating a Workers’ Compensation claim involves filing with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

The Commission’s Role in Your NC Workers’ Comp Claim

Their responsibilities encompass a broad range when it comes to NC Work Injury claims, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Determining the compensability of a claim.
  • Overseeing medical treatment and approvals for second opinions.
  • Resolving disputes between involved parties, often through mediation.
  • Settlement Approval

In cases where you and your legal representative opt for a settlement with your employer’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Provider, it’s important to note that such settlements require the approval of the NC Industrial Commission.

No Jury Proceedings

It’s essential to understand that Workers’ Compensation claims in North Carolina do not involve jury decisions. Instead, all proceedings and determinations are conducted through the Industrial Commission.