How Long Can North Carolina Workers' Comp Pay Benefits to Injured Worker?

Navigating the intricacies of North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Benefits is crucial for injured employees in North Carolina. A key aspect of these benefits is the 500-week entitlement period.

In North Carolina, workers who sustain injuries on the job and are unable to return to work are entitled to receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits. A pivotal aspect of these benefits is the 500-week entitlement period. This duration, equating to approximately 9.5 years, is the standard timeframe set by the court for injured workers to receive these benefits.

If you’re an injured worker, it’s important to understand that these benefits are designed to support you for up to 500 weeks. This duration is significant as it ensures continued support for a substantial period, aiding in your recovery and financial stability following a work-related injury.

There may be situations where you need support beyond the standard 500 weeks. In such cases, it’s possible to request an extension of these benefits. The application for this extension can be submitted to the North Carolina Industrial Commission 425 weeks after you start receiving the Workers’ Compensation Benefits.

Understanding the 500-week rule and the possibility of extending these benefits is crucial for any worker facing a long-term recovery from a workplace injury in North Carolina. While the process might seem daunting, knowing your rights and the available support can make a significant difference.