I Was Injured At Work in North Carolina, But My Employer Is Refusing To File Workers' Comp Claim

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury in North Carolina, and your employer is reluctant or slow to file a workers’ compensation claim here are some steps to take to find out if your employer has valid workers’ comp insurance and also reasons they may be putting off filing the claim.

Identify Your Employer’s Insurance Provider

The initial step in this process is to determine who your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider is. If your employer is not forthcoming with this information, don’t worry, there are ways to find it yourself:

  • Online Search: Visit the North Carolina Industrial Commission’s website (https://www.ic.nc.gov/). They provide a tool where you can enter your employer’s name and the date of your injury to retrieve the relevant workers’ compensation information. This allows you to contact the insurance provider directly.
  • Direct Contact: If online resources don’t yield results, consider calling the Industrial Commission to inquire about your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier.

Understanding Potential Employer Resistance

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes an employer’s hesitation in filing a claim can signal deeper issues, such as not having proper workers’ compensation insurance. This can complicate matters significantly.

The Impact of Delays in Reporting

A delay in reporting your claim can also create challenges. The longer the gap between your injury and the notification to the insurance company, the more complicated it may become to communicate with the insurer. They will likely investigate why the claim wasn’t reported promptly by your employer.

In such cases, employers might provide misleading information to the insurance company, potentially claiming that the injury was never reported. This creates a dispute that can be difficult to navigate without assistance.

Taking Action: Your Rights and Next Steps

When faced with an uncooperative employer, involve the Industrial Commission or consult with an experienced North Carolina Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Remember, filing a workers’ compensation claim is your right as an employee. Don’t let your employer’s reluctance deter you from seeking the compensation and support you may be entitled to.