I Was Injured At Work in North Carolina, But My Employer Is Refusing To File Workers' Comp Claim

If you’re facing difficulties with your employer in North Carolina over a workers’ compensation claim, you have options to assert your rights. Should your employer not disclose their insurer, you can identify the insurance carrier through the Industrial Commission of North Carolina’s website by providing your employer’s name and injury date.

If this search proves unfruitful, you can contact the Industrial Commission directly for this information.

It’s not uncommon for employers without workers’ compensation insurance to avoid claims, fearing legal repercussions. In such scenarios, consulting with a North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is crucial. Additionally, beware of delays in reporting your claim to the insurer, as this can complicate proceedings.

Once you contact the insurer, they may investigate the employer’s failure to report the claim, which could lead to disputes if the employer misrepresents facts. In these complex situations, involving the Industrial Commission or seeking legal representation can be pivotal in managing your North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claim effectively.