Hardison & Cochran Client Receives Workers’ Compensation After Shooting

On April 9th of 2009, James Hunt, a middle school principal in Robeson County and former Marine, was driving to Fairmont Middle School when an unknown motorist pulled up beside him and proceeded to blast a shotgun into his vehicle. The attack left Mr. Hunt with a shattered mouth and nose. After driving himself to the hospital in Lumberton, he was airlifted to Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC. Since the attack, Mr. Hunt has had over a dozen surgeries.

Mr. Hunt filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, but the claim was denied. In a December 10th decision, a North Carolina Industrial Commission Deputy Commissioner ordered the school system to pay Hunt’s lost wages from the time of the incident and to pay for any medical expenses related to the shooting. Mr. Hunt was represented by Benjamin T. Cochran of Hardison & Cochran.

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* Photo of Mr. Hunt courtesy of //whoshotprincipalhunt.blogspot.com/