The Disability Resource Exchange

As you can see to the right we are on Twitter. Since we’ve been on there, we have been following some great folks who are a blast to follow, but yesterday we came across a great website that we had to talk about today on the blog.

We found the website by following Rudy. Rudy has built a website called “Disability Resource Exchange.” The following is official word about the website from Rudy:

About the disability resource exchange

Disability resource exchange is a place to discuss disability issues and exchange resources ideas and support. whether you have a disability/health issue or are just interested in disability issues you are welcome to join this social network.

The disability resource exchange mission

To bring together all those interested in disability issues both people with and without disabilities- to bring together people and organizations within the disability community and to foster a spirit of cooperation- To be a place with a supportive atmosphere where we can all learn from each other

That’s some great stuff right there. The awesome thing about the site is that its bringing together people to build something better and stronger. It allows a place for people to share no only their links to more information on the internet, but their experiences and their expertise. When going through a hard time, sometimes you just need someone there telling you they’ve been through it before as well. As of this posting, there are close to 900 members and we hope this post can spare at least a couple more.

Rudy has done a great job building this site, so why not check it out.