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Attorney Susan L. Downs

Susan L. Downs is a committed and experienced Social Security Disability attorney at Hardison & Cochran. Motivated by a deep-seated desire to advocate for those in need, she brings to bear her extensive legal knowledge and skills to adeptly maneuver through the intricacies of the disability process.

Her vast knowledge spans from a deep familiarity with the distinct styles of various judges to the capacity to create convincing and potent appeal arguments. These skills equip her to deliver strong representation for each of her clients, aiding them in navigating the multifaceted Social Security system effectively.

About Hardison & Cochran

Hardison & Cochran, a North Carolina law firm, is dedicated to helping individuals through the process of obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits. With seven conveniently located offices, the firm is well-positioned to assist clients throughout the state, regardless of their location.

The firm offers assistance with initial applications and appeals for denied claims. Whether you are just starting the process or have recently been denied benefits, Hardison & Cochran is committed to providing the legal support you need to pursue your disability benefits.

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