State Cuts Delaying Social Security Disability Payments Nationwide

A recent article from the New York Times says that states are not helping the backlog in the Social Security Administration with cuts they are are making within their state workforce. With states looking to save as much money as possible, they may be laying off employees that review Social Security Disability claims, therefore, delaying the process even more. Even though, as Social Security Commissioner Michael J. Astute states in the article, “states do not save any money” from this action.

Full Article: State Cuts Delay U.S. Benefits, Official Says


“We pay the full freight, States do not save any money when they furlough or lay off these employees. They only delay payments to disabled citizens who rely on the monthly benefits.”

Social Security Commissioner Michael J. Astute

“Claimants are not getting the service they are supposed to get.”

– California state employee who reviews disability claims, Dr. Richard Dann