Social Security Disability Backlog News From Michigan

As the year goes on, it seems like stories of Social Security Disability backlogs are becoming more and more frequent. Last week we shared a story from Utah about backlogs in the Social Security system. The Utah area has one of the best processing rates in America. Today we bring you a story from Michigan, which is the polar opposite of Utah in respects to processing time.

Where the Salt Lake City, Utah office is in the top 20 of average processing times, Michigan’s Oak Park has the third longest waiting time at 676 days. Only Indianapolis, Indiana and Madison, Wisconsin trail the Oak Park office.

The Detriot News article also cites the economic environment as one of the factors of the boom in applications for Social Security Disability. With the automotive industry being an anchor of the Detroit area, the recent economic down turn has left many people without a job, therefore people who were once working through pains are now seeking benefits.

Quote from article:

“The average claimant now waits two years, somewhat longer to get a hearing. Our clients lose their homes, they’re evicted from apartments, they lose their cars. Many choose between getting their prescriptions and food for their families and their kids.”
– Michigan Disability Attorney Evan Zagoria