Sen. Sherrod Brown Introduces Bill That Would \"Fast-Track\" Veterans Benefits

Tuesday, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown introduced a bill that would streamline Veteran health-care benefits. The Benefit Rating Acceleration for Veteran Entitlements Act, short named “BRAVE”, would accelerate the process for Veterans who qualify for benefits from both the US Department of Veteran Affairs and the Social Security Administration. The following is from an article in the Dayton Daily News about the legislation:

“…legislation that would require the Social Security Administration to accept for SSDI any vet who qualifies for disability compensation under Veterans Administration guidelines.”

A quote from Senator Brown on the legislation:

“Honoring our nation’s veterans means fulfilling our promise to them. Veterans in Ohio and across the country must receive benefits in a manner befitting their service. I’m introducing the BRAVE Act to streamline the disability claims process and to ensure our veterans have access to the full benefits they have earned.”

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