Lawrence, Kansas Woman Fights Long and Hard for Social Security Disability Benefits

Debbie Shirar’s story starts out like many who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits. She had very little money and needed to visit doctors for her medical condition. After fighting the battle and getting help from an attorney, Ms. Shirar finally received her benefits and now can see the doctors she had been waiting years to see.

In the March 3rd edition of the Lawrence Journal World & News (Kansas), Christine Metz paints a picture of Ms. Shirar’s life in the three plus years she had to wait for disability benefits. With monetary funds at a minimum Shirar did what she had to do to get by. In an effort to make every little dollar she had count, she turned 30 days worth of medicine into 90 days.

Like we’ve said in many of our blog posts, these stories can be found in many places around the country. When we see one that ends with the person who has struggled for three years finally get their benefits, we enjoy sharing it with everyone, so please click on the links above and take a look at Ms. Shirar’s story.