Certain Types of Medical Conditions Can Be Determined for Disability Within Days

It is well known that when one applies for Social Security Disability that the process to be approved or denied may be a long one, but select medical conditions can be approved over the course of days rather than months. The Social Security Administration calls these conditions “Compassionate Allowances.”

These conditions are so serious that there is no question that they meet the requirements of disability. The following is from the Social Security Administration’s website on how they have determined what goes on the list:

The initial list of Compassionate Allowance conditions was developed as a result of information received at public outreach hearings, public comment on an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, comments received from the Social Security and Disability Determination Service communities, and the counsel of medical and scientific experts. Also, we considered which conditions are most likely to meet our current definition of disability.

Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astute held a fourth public outreach hearing recently on July 29th in Chicago. The topic of the hearing was Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias.

The list right now sets at 50 medical conditions, but in the future will expand as more research and public hearings are scheduled.

To view the full list of the current 50 Compassionate Allowances, please Click Here.

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