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The Bausch & Lomb contact lens solution known as “ReNu with MoistureLoc Contact Lens Solution” may be the cause of an outbreak of eye fungus known as fungal keratitis.

Many retail stores such as Walgreens, CVS and Wal-mart are pulling ReNu with MoistureLoc Solution from shelves because of the contamination risk. Federal officials are investigating reported outbreaks of the fungus in more than 15 states. These outbreaks, reportedly in the low hundreds, are feared to be caused by ReNu with MoistureLoc. Health officials working for the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control have yet to make a direct connection between the contact lens solution and the fungus, but reports show that a high percentage of the patients had been using that particular contact lens solution.

Bausch & Lomb CEO Ron Zarrella explained in a letter on the company’s website that the solution has not been proven to cause the infection – it is only associated with it. He says, “When reports of a rare eye infection, seeming associated with our product, began to surface, we began a series of exhaustive tests on our products. Nothing has yet been found to show that ReNu with MoistureLoc contributed to these infections in any way.”

Zarrella adds that they pulled the solution and recommend switching to another product until the investigation is concluded. However, some eye doctors are telling their patients to avoid Bausch & Lomb products altogether.

According to the FDA, there were 109 cases of Fusarium keratitis in people in 17 states under investigation by public health authorities since June 2005. Date from the Centers for Disease Control of 30 cases of the infections revealed that 28 wore contact lenses and that most used the ReNu saline. Eight had to undergo corneal transplants.

Fungal keratitis is a severe infection of the cornea. Risk factors for infection usually include trauma (generally with plant material), chronic ocular surface diseases, immunodeficiencies and contact lens use. And the infection can require prolonged drug therapy with antifungal. Fungal keratitis is a condition more prevalent in warm climate. First-line treatment includes topical and oral antifungal medications; patients who do not respond to medical treatment usually require surgical intervention, including corneal transplantation. Symptoms of fungal keratitis include eye pain, eye discomfort, decrease in vision and light hypersensitivity.

If you have used this solution and have suffered any kind of eye injury, please contact an eye specialist, because the fungus must be treated with anti-fungal medication immediately. Then, contact Hardison & Cochran. Our firm is representing patients and families who have been harmed by ReNu with MoistureLoc Contact Lens Solution. Contact us to learn about your legal rights and options in bringing a product liability lawsuit for the injuries you sustained as a result of using this contact lens solution.

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