Topamax Side Effects

Topamax (topiramate) is a prescription drug for the treatment of epilepsy and the prevention of migraine headaches; it is also sometimes prescribed for off label use to treat obesity, bi-polar disorder and alcoholism.

Topamax and Birth Defects

In March of 2011 the FDA issued a safety advisory and mandated a safety label change for Topamax. Studies have shown that babies born to women who take Topamax during pregnancy (particularly in the first trimester) have a significantly higher rate of mouth defects such as cleft palates and cleft lips. Infants exposed to Topamax have a rate of mouth defects more than 3 times greater than that of infants exposed to alternative epilepsy drugs.

What Should You Do?

If you, or someone you know, was prescribed Topamax during pregnancy and gave birth to a child with a mouth defect, you may want to contact an attorney. Anyone suffering from birth defects resulting from Topamax exposure may have a right to seek compensation. Our Topamax attorneys are reviewing new cases of those injured and are ready and able to assist. Anyone injured by Topamax may contact us directly at 1-800-434-8399, or contact us through our website at