Hardison & Associates Employee Spotlight: Marilyn Beasley

Marilyn Beasley is Hardison & Cochran Office Manager, Client Advocate and Ken’s Right Hand! Marilyn joined Ken in December 1982! Yes, that’s right Marilyn has put up with Ken for over 25 years!

Marilyn is married to Raeford Beasley and has one daughter, Valerie, who is married and lives in California. No grandchildren, YET! But, Marilyn is hoping and praying for Valerie to change that – soon! Ken Hardison recently stated, “Marilyn is the heart and soul of Hardison & Cochran. She not only talks the talk, but walks the walk when it comes to putting Hardison & Cochran clients first.” Marilyn has held every position in the firm that a non-lawyer can hold! She was Ken’s receptionist, secretary and bookkeeper in the early 80’s. Then she was a case manager in car accidents and a litigation paralegal. Then she became a case manager in the Workers’ Compensation section and even did Social Security hearings before administrative law judges for several years! She has more than earned the right to manage the firm!