Practice Area Category: Workplace Injury

Obtained for a Lumberton, North Carolina man who lost his left arm after being pulled into a machine while at work.

Obtained for a Supply, North Carolina man who slipped and fell on his left shoulder and arm while on the job.

Obtained for a Charlotte, North Carolina lady who fell off a ladder while at work and injured both of her legs and knees. Her injuries required joint replacement surgery.

Obtained for a Siler City, North Carolina man who injured his left arm when he was lifting steel plates at work. His injuries required surgery to his arm.

Obtained for a Raleigh, North Carolina man who injured his right knee when a co-worker started to fall and he attempted to catch him and fell into a roadside ditch.

Obtained for a Timberlake, North Carolina man who suffered a left thigh laceration when a grinder kicked back on the job site. The laceration to his thigh severed three nerves.

Obtained for an Angier, North Carolina lady who injured her lower back while moving office supplies at work. Her injuries required back fusion surgery.

Obtained for an Angier, North Carolina man who injured his spine while unloading boxes of meat at his job.

Obtained for a medical care worker from Autryville, North Carolina. The woman’s arm was injured when she caught a falling patient.

Obtained for a lady who was working in Cary, North Carolina and was injured when she fell down a flight of stairs. She injured her right ankle, head and back in the fall.