Practice Area Category: Personal Injury

For a delivery driver who was paralyzed while unloading a delivery at his final destination when the load fell on him.

Obtained for a Newton Grove, North Carolina man who injured his back while lifting metal to place on a lift. His injuries required a back fusion surgery.

Obtained for a Clinton, North Carolina man who was injured when a tree fell and bounced backwards striking him in the head. After the initial blow from the tree, it pinned one of his legs against a fence while his other leg was pinned under him.

Obtained for a North Carolina Deputy Sheriff who was attacked by an inmate. The man injured his upper back and left foot during the attack.

Obtained for a Mt. Olive, North Carolina man who was filling an order of 50-100 lbs. of material. While filling the order, the man injured his back.

Obtained for a Nashville, North Carolina woman who was injured when she attempted to break up a fight between two inmates.

Obtained for a Durham, North Carolina man who broke his right hand while on delivery at a hospital. The man’s right hand was severely injured when an elevator door became stuck.

Obtained for a Raleigh, North Carolina correctional officer who fell when exiting his vehicle. The man injured his back, head and both legs as a result of the fall.

Obtained for a Garland, North Carolina man who was injured when he was knocked down by a hog he was trying to load. The man suffered an injury to his left knee.