Practice Area Category: Car Accident

For a driver that suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was struck in the head while his truck was being loaded.

Obtained for a man who was involved in a car accident while on-the-job in Timberlake, North Carolina.

Obtained for a Wendell, NC man who was injured in a car accident when he was driving a company car. The client sustained head injuries as a result of the accident. The man had been working for the company for 27 years when the accident occurred.

Obtained for the family of a Durham, North Carolina lady who died due to injures sustained from a car accident.

Obtained for a Raeford, North Carolina man who was the victim of an auto accident. Due to his injuries, the man had to stay in the Moore County Hospital for four days.

Obtained for a North Carolina police officer who was hit by a patrol car while he was attempting to detain a suspect. The police officer sustained injuries to his back, neck, knees and ankles.

Obtained for a Wilmington, North Carolina woman who suffered a skull fracture, brain injury and facial nerve paralysis after being the victim of an auto accident.

Obtained for a Raleigh, North Carolina man who suffered head injuries and a fractured chest as the result of an auto accident in Cary, North Carolina.

Obtained for a Sanford, North Carolina man who required eye surgery after being involved in an auto accident.