Practice Area Category: Workplace Injury

Obtained for a Danville, Virginia stock room employee who was injured when a pallet of material shifted and fell on the man.

Obtained for a Selma, North Carolina man who injured his back while pulling a wire on the job.

Obtained for Wilmington, North Carolina man who was injured after falling forward at work. The man tore his labrum which required surgery to repair.

Obtained for a Raleigh, North Carolina engineer who was injured when an airline passenger dropped a bag from the overhead compartment onto his shoulder and neck.

Obtained for a Manteo, North Carolina custodian who slip and fell while mopping a floor at her job. The woman required a total knee replacement as a result of her fall.

Obtained for a for a Lexington, North Carolina woman who tripped over a stool while at work and injured her back.

Obtained for a Lumberton, North Carolina man who injured his spine while installing a unit onto the top of a machine while at work.

Obtained for a Littleton, North Carolina woman who injured her spine while lifting boxes for her job.

Obtained for a Spring Lake, North Carolina man who was injured when he was pushing a cart of drums which shifted and fell. The man was injured when he attempted to correct the weight shift of the drums.