Little Know Nursing Home Research Tool

With the Baby Boomer generation aging, the need to place a loved one in a nursing home may be in the near future for some. People aren’t simply going to put a loved one in a nursing home with out doing their research first. A decision like this may be one of the most research intensive in a person’s life. A little know fact is that there is a tool out there to help people with their research at the tips of their fingers.

Set up by the Government’s division of Medicare, Nursing Home Compare allows people to research nearby nursing homes. The system allows a look into the following:

  • Five-Star Quality Ratings
  • Health inspection results
  • Nursing home staff data
  • Quality measures
  • Fire safety inspection results

This is a great tool to do initial research when facing this situation with a loved one. Of course, this website shouldn’t be the say all, end all on the subject and people should always allow the loved one a say in the matter and always visit the residence.