What can a nursing home abuse or neglect attorney do to help me and my loved one?

An attorney will protect your loved one’s rights and represent your and your loved one’s best interests in a case in which abuse or neglect is suspected. Having an experienced nursing home abuse attorney on your side ensures that harm done to your loved one will be corrected and will not be swept under the rug.

Hardison & Cochran nursing home neglect lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding suspected abuse or neglect. The fact that an attorney is looking into how a nursing home resident is being treated usually results in immediate changes. In many cases where serious problems are identified and corrected at a nursing home, such as with an employee or group of employees or because of training deficiencies or inadequate policies, it is after an independent investigation.

If you have not already contacted the state Division of Health Service Regulation to file a complaint, we can coordinate this for you to ensure that they investigate your concerns.

As part of our investigation we will determine whether there is potential for the abuse or neglect victim to recover money for what they have suffered. Compensation to be derived from a lawsuit or in negotiations with the nursing home may include money for medical expenses incurred because of the abuse or neglect, money for pain and suffering, and assistance with relocating the abuse victim if necessary.

Most elderly or ill nursing home residents need a court-appointed guardian to file a legal action. An attorney can help to have a family member appointed to this role, and then follow up with a legal complaint against the nursing home.

Read more from the American Association for Justice about an attorney’s role in standing up for nursing home residents, and contact Hardison & Cochran for assistance today.