Year: 2022


Public awareness campaigns and legislation over the last few decades have focused on the dangers of drinking and driving, but any kind of impairment makes it unsafe to drive. Unfortunately, our nation is seeing an uptick in drugged driving, especially driving under the influence of marijuana, which is leading to…

Retiring from your job while on workers comp

An injured worker in North Carolina who does not expect to be able to return to work may consider retirement if he or she is old enough or has the required number of years on the job. However, retiring while receiving workers’ compensation benefits may have a detrimental impact on…

Worker compensation laws in NC

More than 80,000 workers in North Carolina suffered a nonfatal injury or illness on the job in a recent year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’ve been injured or have developed a work-related illness, you may have questions about what benefits you can claim through workers’ compensation….