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Mass Torts Lawyers

Improperly Tested Drugs

The term ‘Mass Torts’ simply means that there was an act of negligence on the part of an individual or a company that resulted in many people being injured or causing death. An example would be a drug company that produced a drug that was not thoroughly tested and as a result people were injured.

Samples of Mass Tort Claims are:

  • Improperly tested drugs
  • Vehicles with safety hazards known to the manufacturers but not recalled
  • Use of hazardous materials in houses (i.e., lead paint, insulation, etc.)
  • Medical devices causing injury due to faulty engineering

Personal injury law firms handling mass tort litigation must be involved in a network of nationwide lawyers who work together to bring the negligent parties before the Court. Because there are usually so many claimants, the settlement can ultimately be made by a Court that is a total sum divided by the number of claimants.

Because the general public doesn’t usually know about these types of cases, it is important to be informed.

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