Worker in Fatal Construction Accident in Winston-Salem

WFMY News reported last night that a worker died in an on-the-job accident at the Winston-Salem Innovation Quarter job site.  The article states that “the incident has been classified as an accidental workplace death” and is under current investigation. Unfortunately, this is not the only fatal workplace accident a North Carolina worker has suffered this year. Most of us remember the harrowing story of the three workers killed by a scaffolding accident this past March.

The North Carolina Department of Labor reports that in October through May of this year, there have been 24 on-the-job accidents that have ended in fatalities (and this number only represents those cases which “have been or are being investigated by OSH”). Eight, or 33% of them happened on construction sites. According to the The Triangle Business Journal, North Carolina saw 44 work-related fatal accidents last fiscal year. The article also mentions that this was nearly double the number of 2013, and that the Labor Commissioner is now concerned about how workers are trained to be on job sites. However, it is important to remember that not all on-the-job fatalities are investigated or counted in each year’s statistics, notes The News & Observer, which leaves us with an idea but not a completely accurate report each year of the number of these tragic incidents.

North Carolina is a state that is quickly growing. This growth means that new shopping centers and office buildings are popping up rapidly in many areas of the state. Due to this new construction, it is important for workers to remember that workplace accidents can happen on even the safest of job sites. The North Carolina Department of Labor listed being struck by objects, falls from elevations, and being caught in or between objects as the most common type of on-the-job accidents. For more specific statistics on this information, visit the Hardison & Cochran workers’ compensation web page. If you do happen to suffer a work-related injury, we would like to remind you to report the injury as soon as possible, write down how the accident happened, and to fill out and turn in a Form 18 from the NCIC.

Taking these initial steps after an on-the-job injury can make a world of difference in your case. There are many mistakes that injured workers tend to make after a workplace accident. For more information on these mistakes and how to avoid them, please request the (FREE!) booklet “9 Common Mistakes that can Destroy your Workers’ Compensation Case” written by Ben Cochran, our managing partner, and Jack Hardison. This book is also available in Spanish. For any other questions about workers’ compensation, consult our workers’ compensation FAQ’s. Along with reviewing the information we gladly provide about workers’ compensation online and in our book, please feel free to contact us at anytime by calling toll-free at 1-800-600-7969.

Sources: WFMY News, WRAL, The North Carolina Department of Labor, The Triangle Business Journal, The News & Observer, and Hardison & Cochran, Attorneys at Law; all are linked above.

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