North Carolina's Guide to Nursing Home Negligence Excerpt: Why Did We Write This Book?

Below is an excerpt from the newly released book, North Carolina’s Guide to Nursing Home Negligence. In the following text, Ben Cochran discuss the reasoning behind the writing of the book:

Every year, thousands of nursing home residents are seriously injured or die as a result of abuse and neglect in nursing homes. We wrote this book so family members of nursing home residents can learn about certain types of preventable injuries that occur in nursing homes. We also wrote this book so that family members of nursing home residents can learn about what they can do to help try to prevent their loved ones from having a serious injury in a nursing home.

After reading this book, you will discover that many of the serious injuries sustained by nursing home residents are preventable. Before accepting the nursing home’s statement, “These things just happen,” you need to know that some incidents do not “just happen.” Some incidents happen because the nursing home failed to take appropriate care of your loved one.

Sometimes incidents occur in nursing homes that are not preventable. Mostly, patients in nursing homes are very sick or dying. When we are investigating a case of alleged nursing home abuse or neglect, we always have to take into consideration the underlying medical condition of the patient and whether that underlying medical condition contributed to the injury or death. That is one of the reasons it is important that you hire an attorney that has experience investigating and prosecuting nursing home negligence claims. That experienced attorney, after conducting a complete and thorough investigation, will be able to tell you whether the injury was preventable or not.

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