4th of July Events Remind us about Boating Safety in North Carolina

The Charlotte Observer reported yesterday that boating groups are calling for stricter safety precautions for boating in North Carolina due to the three fatalities that occurred over the weekend and the many others that have occurred this season. The article mentioned that “operator inattention and inexperience” cause the most boating accidents, which raises questions about the qualification requirements of those who choose to operate boats. The Charlotte Observer also noted that out of the 634 boats checked over the weekend, 26 drivers were impaired and 206 citations had to be given out. The NC Report of Boating Accidents and Fatalities of 2014 lists 130 boating accidents last year, 26 of them ending in fatalities.

This year, reports the Charlotte Observer, 21 of these accidents have been fatal. Considering the large number of boats that are in the North Carolina waters each summer, boat safety is an increasingly important issue throughout the state. According to the Charlotte Observer, 26 states, including North Carolina, require courses, but only for those born past a certain date. It was also mentioned that training was not required legally until 2009. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission’s website informs future boaters that it is necessary for “any person born on or after January 1, 1988” to pass a boating education course before navigating in the water. This website also offers the complete set of information about North Carolina Boating Regulations. Before you get out there this summer, it would be wise to check it out!

There are many precautions that can be taken during a boating trip and many websites for tips, including this one. If, unfortunately, an accident does occur, it is important to remember that in the state of North Carolina, a disappearance, personal injury beyond first aid or a death must be reported within 24 hours. Any damage worth greater than $500 or any other accidents must be reported within 10 days. Laws pertaining to boating accidents are very complex, so if you find yourself in a stressful situation, do not hesitate to call us at Hardison & Cochran. We serve personal injury victims with many different situations across the state and are confident we would be able to give you the help you may need (but hopefully never do!). For more information about boating accidents and laws, visit the Boating Accidents page on our website.

Information from: The Charlotte Observer and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commision

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