Client Testimonials

I highly recommend Hardison & Cochran from the very beginning of working with them they have been very respectful and pleasant to work with. But most of all what I like about the company is how quickly they get back to you. Almost everyday I communicate with Courtney. He is very punctual and explains everything happening. The respect Courtney has shown me is truly what’s important. He was a blessing. Thank you Hardison & Cochran, and a special thank you for Courtney!

Chelsea Y.

Rod Stocks, Workers' Comp Client

Eric Jones, Workers' Comp Client

Bobby Phillips, Workers' Comp Client

Debra, Workers' Comp Client

Elder Fulton, Workers' Comp Client

Cory, Workers' Comp Client

“Mr. Hardison, You make me feel like I am someone. I feel that you and your staff have put One Hundred and Ten percent of your effort into my case to make the right things happen. For that I thank all of you very much. My wife would like you to know she feels the same.

Thank you all!”

Dean Hooton

“I contacted Mr. Hardison and I found a lifeline when they accepted my case anytime I had a problem or question, I would call Mr. Hardison. My case was settled, but I know I still can call and keep in touch if I need them.”

Sylvia Womack

“To the Hardison & Cochran Team & Staff:

Thank you so much for helping me with my case to the end. Your time and help during my difficult time is appreciated, and you have my recommendations to anyone I know that many need your service.”

Maria L.