If I have a personal injury claim, how would I prove my case?

To prevail in a personal injury lawsuit, you must show that another party acted with negligence or recklessness and that their actions or failure to act led to you being harmed. Your claim would “demand” compensation for your losses, which would be spelled out in the lawsuit.

A significant hurdle to winning a personal injury lawsuit in North Carolina is the state’s adherence to a policy of “pure contributory negligence.” This holds that if you, as the injured party, contributed to the accident in any way, then you are not eligible for compensation.

The attorneys for a defendant in a personal injury claim might argue, for example, that you were speeding in an accident in which their client ran into you while their client was texting. The lawyer might persuade a jury that your speeding contributed to the timing and force of the collision.

As your attorney, a Hardison & Cochran personal injury lawyer would have thoroughly investigated your accident and developed a solid case for your right to compensation. We would be ready to counter any potential claims that you were at fault.

Having an experienced attorney who will work diligently to compile evidence of the harm done to you and then aggressively pursue all of the compensation you deserve is key to winning a personal injury case.