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Mass Torts FAQs

Mass Torts

What do i do if i believe i have been injured with other people as a result of the negligence causing a mass tort claim?

Immediately contact a lawyer who is involved in mass tort claims. The ability of this lawyer to network with nationwide lawyers involved in this claim is crucial. Our firm is a part of a network of lawyers through the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. This group of lawyers, including our firm, keep abreast of the latest claims and meet throughout the year to make sure we are providing the best possible representation for all of our clients.

Why are mass torts different?

Claims through a joining of many claimants can involve several different court jurisdictions. The massive amount of money the defendant throws out to defend these actions requires the ability of several firms to represent the interests of the injured parties. It is a long, lengthy process requiring patience and an understanding that this size of lawsuit will not resolve easily.

Results of mass torts?

Our system of justice allows claims such as these to be the watchdog for the American public. We should hold defendants who provide services or products to a higher standard and when that standard is breached they should be accountable. By bringing the negligence before the Courts, many people who may have been injured will be protected because a product was recalled, information made widely available so people can be aware of the dangers, and even save lives.

What should i do if i believe i have been injured due to a defective drug product?

Contact a lawyer. Most lawyers who deal with mass torts already know what is going on throughout the nation. From there, they can guide you through the process and if it is something the lawyer is not involved in, he or she will get you into the right hands. Our firm will be glad to review your claim for you.

What if i don’t know if there is a claim?

Every mass tort claim started with one person who suspected something wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask. If you suspect that a product is defective or a drug is not doing what it claims to do and you notice a pattern, contact a Raleigh Mass Torts lawyer at Hardison & Cochran. Being the protector of the general public can start first with you.

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