What is the difference between Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Social Security disability?

What is considered a disability?

DIB: Physical or Mental Impairment that last 12 months or more that prevents you from working a full-time job
SSI: Same as DIB

Credit Requirements

DIB: Must have paid in enough taxes in to Social Security recently to be eligible
SSI: No credit requirements

Financial Limitations

DIB: If you are working part time, you cannot earn over the level for substantial gainful activity (2008: $940/month)
SSI: Household income and assets must be low enough to qualify

How Much Can I Get?

DIB: Depends on how much you have paid into Social Security
SSI: Currently, $637 maximum per month, but this decreases dollar for dollar with any income you have

Any Health Insurance Included?

DIB: Medicare: Eligible 2 years after you start receiving benefits
SSI: Medicaid: Eligible as soon as you are declared disabled

Can my children get benefits?

DIB: Yes. Children are entitled to a dependent’s benefit. But there is a family maximum.
SSI: Not as a result of your disability. Children must have a disability of their own.

Who are these Benefits For?

DIB: 1.) Anyone who has paid in enough to be insured 2.) Anyone who may be eligible on a spouse or parent’s work record
SSI: 1.) Adults of Retirement Age 2.) Disabled Adults Under Retirement Age 3.) Minor Children