What Should I Do After a Dog Bite or Attack?

Imagine that you are enjoying a relaxing weekend with your family. The weather is great, so you decide to go for a walk around your neighborhood. Walking past one of the homes, you hear a dog barking, but don’t think anything of it. All of a sudden, you realize that the dog is running towards you and there is no way to escape. Almost five million people are dog bite or attack victims every year. Dog bites and attacks can be very emotionally distressing. These attacks can lead to severe injuries and unfortunately in some cases, death.

In the state of North Carolina, this type of incident can be a compensable personal injury. After you have recovered mentally and physically from the attack, give us a call. Some cities and counties have unique laws pertaining to dog control. These local ordinances will be enforced with the state law. In North Carolina, there are two rules that dog bite laws are based on. They are called the One Bite Rule and the Strict Liability Rule.

The One Bite rule basically states that the owner can’t be held liable for the first time a dog bites someone. If the victim can prove that the owner was aware that they had a “Dangerous Dog” or a “Potentially Dangerous Dog” (for these definitions visit our site), then the owner may be held liable. However, the Strict Liability Rule states that if the dog bites someone, the owner will (in most cases) be liable. Laws pertaining to dog bites are very complicated. For more information about them, visit our page called Cary Dog Bite Lawyers. It can be hard to determine what can be done after suffering from an incident like this. In this difficult time, we are prepared to support you and fight for your rights.

Written by: Brawley Davis

Information from: Hardison & Cochran, Attorneys at Law, linked above.

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