WebMD: The Most Expensive Medical Conditions

WebMD has an interesting slide show on its website which breaks down the top 11 most expensive medical conditions in America. The list is below, but go ahead an click on the link to see the full explanations. While heart conditions top the list, trauma injures come in second at $74.3 billion. The biggest percentage of trauma injuries come from auto accidents. The article also notes that this amount has decreased due to better road design, air bags, seat belt laws and anti drunk driving laws.

  1. Heart Conditions $95.6 Billion
  2. Trauma $74.3 Billion
  3. Cancer $72.2 Billion
  4. Mental Disorders $72.1 Billion
  5. Joint Disorders $57 Billion
  6. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma $53.7 Billion
  7. Hypertension $47.7 Billion
  8. Diabetes $45.9 Billion
  9. Hyperlipidemia $38.6 Billion
  10. Back Problems $35 Billion
  11. Normal Childbirth $35 Billion