Valentine's Day Around the World

Flowers, chocolates, dinners and special gifts are the traditions in the United States for Valentine’s Day, but how it is celebrated across the globe? To answer our own question, we performed a little research. Below are the findings:

Valentine’s Day in Finland is known as “Ystavanpaiva” which means “Friend’s Day.” The day is more about celebrating all of your friendships rather than focusing on just your significant other.

It is common for people to place stickers on the face and clothing of a friend or a relative.

On February 14th, females present their significant other and close male friends with a gift. Chocolates are a very popular gift. Depending upon the relationship, the female will give a different kind of chocolate. Giri-choco is a type of chocolate given to bosses, colleagues and close male friends. Hon-mei is the type of chocolate given to a significant other. The giving of gifts is returned in kind by males to females on March 14th. The holiday is known as “White Day.”

Valentine’s dates are decided by the first young lady or young gentleman who is encountered on the street or elsewhere on February 14th. After the first person is spotted, it is tradition to spend the rest of the day with them celebrating Valentine’s Day.

South Africa
Young ladies pin the name of their significant other on their sleeve. In some parts of South Africa, the male follows suit with the name of his female companion.

Surveys have revealed that men are more romantic and more open about expressing their love than their female companions. Men in Australia buy more cards and love mementos than women on Valentine’s Day.

While the traditions may be a little different from place to place, it looks like when everything is boiled down Valentine’s Day is all about appreciating those who are close to you. So on this Valentine’s Day, let everyone you care about know that they are special to you.