Heads Up Football Player Safety Plan

It’s almost football time. While there is nothing like the roar of the crowd sometimes football games can take a dark turn when a serious injury has been sustained on the field of play. It’s no secret that football leaders like NFL Commish Roger Goodell are trying to shift the rules make the game safer to prevent concussions and unnecessary injuries that come with the brutal part of the game, but what about the technique of the players?

Today, USA Football, which is the official youth football development partner of the NFL, launched a new program called Heads Up Football. The aim of the program is to teach proper technique to younger football players through a three step game plan. When kids learn the proper technique at a young age, they will take it into their high school and college careers. Hopefully, with this training, the country will see less and less football related injuries now and in the future.

As a firm who helps those who have been injured, we think this is an awesome initiative going on in youth football. If your child will be participating in youth football this year, please check out the Heads Up Football website and take a minute to show them some of the videos. We also hope your child has a fun and healthy season.

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*Picture courtesy of accutalk via Flickr Creative Commons.