Toyota Recall Information From Bob Kraft

If you’re a regular reader, you may have seen us talk about our good friend Bob Kraft (that’s Mr. Kraft’s picture to the left) and his blog, P.I.S.S.D. Well, Mr. Kraft has been keeping up with the Toyota recall and we couldn’t bring you more in depth coverage if we tried. Today we’re going to link to the blog posts Mr. Kraft has had on the subject where you can be informed on the topic:

Toyota Says It Will Start Fixing Recalled Cars
In this blog post, Mr. Kraft shares information in a NY Times article about Toyota fixing the recalled automobiles.

Toyota Unveils Plans to Fix Pedal Problem
This post goes over Toyota’s plans to fix the pedal problem.

Transportation Chief Keeps Pressure on Toyota
Post about the Federal Government pressuring Toyota to correct the problem.

U.S. Starts Inquiry Into Prius Brake Problems
Along with pedal sticking problems, Toyota has brake problems with the Prius.

Congressional Investigators Question NHTSA’s Vigilance and Toyota’s Fix
Mr. Kraft offers a wrap up of all the Toyota news on February 10th.

Toyota Announces Recall of More Than 400,000 Hybrids
Another post wrapping up a day of news.

Insurance Rates Not Accelerated by Toyota Recall
Mr. Kraft shares a Q&A about Insurance with the recalls from ABC News.

You can check out Mr. Kraft’s law firm page here.