The Sarah Jane Brain Project

The other day we received an e-mail about an event taking place in Chapel Hill on the 26th of April. Off the bat, we did not recognize the organization who was throwing the event. After taking a look at their message and seeing what the organization was all about, we couldn’t help but to sign up for the event and also use our blog as a channel for this organization to reach more people and for more to learn about their cause.

The name of the organization is the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation. Sarah Jane is the daughter of Patrick Donohue. When she was just five days old, Sarah Jane was shaken by her nurse. Due to the shaking, Sarah Jane suffered from Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury (PTBI).

The mission of the Foundation is to create a  model system for children suffering from all Pediatric Acquired Brain Injuries. The full text of the plan can be read on the foundation’s official website here.

The foundation created a four phase plan to reaching their goal. From the official website:

We have four Phases of The Sarah Jane Brain Project. Phase 1 involved using open source principles for the first time in medical history making all of Sarah Jane’s medical records available online without any restrictions. Phase 2 started bringing in more families into our open source initiative and began developing The National Advisory Board of The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation. Phase 3 created a National Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Plan (the PABI Plan) which outlines the model system by developing a continuum of care for children suffering from PABI. Now in Phase 4, we are funding and implementing the PABI Plan and its model system.

It sounds like this foundation is doing some great things and we are excited to join the folks around the Triangle and hear Sarah Jane’s story and learn of the future plans of the foundation. If you would like more information on the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, please visit their website here.

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