The MDA is Coming To Lock Up Ken Too

Last week, if you read the blog, you might have spotted that one of our Workers’ Compensation attorneys, Adam Bridwell, is getting locked up by the MDA this Thursday. Well since they are taking away Adam we thought we might as well let them lock-up Ken.

So now we’ll have two people in the office getting locked away for a great cause. A little competition to get out of jail between Ken and Adam won’t hurt. Remember, the event is this Thursday (27th) at the Capital City Club in downtown Raleigh.

No matter who you donate to, Ken or Adam, it will all be going to the same great things the MDA does with the funds. Below are links to both Adam’s and Ken’s pages if you would like to donate. If you would like more information on the upcoming MDA Telethon or the MDA Lock-up, please contact Mary Gifford at the Raleigh MDA chapter at (919) 783-0222 or

Ken’s Page
Adam’s Page