The Lack of Cost of Living Adjustment in 2010 Social Security Benefits Covered by the Mainstream Media

A story that we brought you on May 5th and followed up on with a detailed explanation on July 9th has saw a boom in coverage from the mainstream media this week. Following are a sample articles and a video about the lack of Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) associated with Social Security benefits in the upcoming 2010 year. The majority of the over 800 articles that showed up on a Google News search on the topic are focused on senior citizens and retirement benefits, but the lack of an adjustment will also affect those receiving disability benefits.

Should special provisions be made for a Social Security increase?
Henry Unger of the Atlanta Journal Constitution asks if special provision be made in times like these. A discussion follows his article on the matter.

Seniors Discuss Social Security
Seniors from Iowa share their thoughts in this KCRP report.

Surviving shrinking Social Security checks looks at tips for surviving the lack of COLA in 2010’s Social Security Checks.