The Hardison & Cochran Running Club

At the end of 2011, our Marketing Director Bill Campbell really wanted to start an athletic team within the firm. After coming back from lunch one day and seeing attorney Ashley Young running down Six Forks Rd., it all came together. In the next few weeks, Bill created the Hardison & Cochran Running Club. The mission of the team, which is comprised of members of the firm and friends of the firm, is to seek out charitable running events and participate. In addition to promoting health within the firm, the running club will allow members of the team to learn more about the non-profits and community initiatives in North Carolina.

While the collective team waits on scheduled 5Ks and half marathons at the end March and in April, two members of the club, Jim Swartz and Nicole Orr (pictured) have already started their running season. Saying they “started their season” is an understatement because over the course of two days they ran in four events. The father-daughter combo took part in a 15K, 5K, Half Marathon and an 8K which totaled approximately 31 miles. Swartz finished all the races under 4.5 hours and Orr came in at just over 4.5 hours.

Congrats to Jim and Nicole on their accomplishment! We’ll be documenting our team races this year and also spotlighting what each race is benefiting. Check back soon!