The Hardison & Cochran Kings

There is no doubt that the skills children acquire through organized sports will stay with them through their adult years. Just ask any adult who played sports as a child and teen and they will most likely tell you only positives about their experience. Sports builds self-discipline and self-confidence. It builds strong relationships with peers and adult coaches and of course helps keep in shape. The halls of Hardison & Cochran are filled with many former athletes. Ben Cochran played soccer. Ken Hardison and John Paul Godwin all took their talents to the football field. Jack Hardison (all 6 foot 6 inches of him) was a three sport star out of Martin County.

There is no doubt, sports are a passion of many at the offices of Hardison & Cochran. So when we were approached with the opportunity to sponsor a Raleigh youth basketball team, it was an easy decision. Below are some pictures of the Hardison & Cochran Kings. Also, check out the rest of the pics on our Facebook Photo Page.