The Geography of Social Security Disability

Daily Yonder, a news blog covering the 55 million folks who live in the rural United States, has a great post today on the geography of Social Security disability beneficiaries. The authors of the post, Bill Bishop and Roberto Gallardo, break all the information down by way of text, maps and charts.

Overall, a thorough and very interesting read about how rural areas are well above the US average when it comes to receiving Social Security disability benefits. To the left is a map that was featured in the Daily Yonder post which breaks down by county the percentage of residents who are receiving Social Security disability benefits. For a larger version, please view the Daily Yonder post.

This is the first time we have stumbled upon Daily Yonder, but after sifting through a few posts, it looks like a good daily read for those who live in the rural parts of North Carolina. Below is from Daily Yonder’s about page:

Check us throughout the day for breaking news, commentary, reports from our rural correspondants, updates from the best rural bloggers, and eye-opening photography from across the rural U.S.

The Daily Yonder’s special reports also bring you overviews of the big issues now facing small communities — health, employment, broadband access, education, and economic development. We’re tracking how national policies are reaching (or ignoring) rural communities.

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