Still on Hold With Social Security? From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

From the June 17th edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution comes an article from Vicki Lee Parker on Social Security. The main point of the article, which is becoming a trend with Social Security articles and news, is the wait that is associated with the process.
As any seasoned writer knows you must catch your audience’s attention early to keep them reading. Parker wastes no time getting to the facts in her article. Following is an excerpt how she starts her article:

Every day this year, about 10,000 baby boomers turn 62.
Many will have questions about their Social Security benefits, but few will likely get answers —- at least not quickly. The Social Security Administration has reduced its staffing by more than 5 percent since 2003, to about 60,000.

The article then goes on to tell the story of a Raleigh, North Carolina resident who had to call three different telephone numbers before he could get an answer. After that, his problem was still not resolved. Each time he calls in hopes to resolve the issue, he has to tell his story from the beginning. A very aggravating and tedious process when trying to get an answer on very important matters.