Staying Healthy During North Carolina Heat Waves

It isn’t news that North Carolina summers can be brutal in terms of high temperatures.

We at Hardison & Cochran would like to provide you with some information about how to handle the heat. Today, we’ll focus mainly on the dangers of sunburn, heat stroke and dehydration. These are issues that can affect any of us, although certain groups are more at-risk to suffer from these problems than others. For example, according to FastMed Urgent Care in Raleigh, certain medications make people more susceptible to sunburn. Also, according to Dr. Chris Fuhrmann at UNC, heat stroke occurs most commonly in agricultural workers and school-aged athletes. Methods to avoid these two conditions are very simple. Many good tips to avoid sunburn can be found on FastMed’s site, linked above, and tips to avoid heat stroke can be found on Wake Forest Baptist Health’s site. To avoid both sunburn and heat stroke, remember to stay hydrated and pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you are feeling tired or nauseous, go inside and hydrate. Believe it or not, hydrating is a process that involves more than just drinking water. This website offers info about staying hydrated and points out three common myths about hydrating once dehydrated. Hopefully these suggestions will keep you safer out in the sun this summer!

Photo Credit: frankieleon via Flickr Creative Commons

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