Social Security Disability System Faces Independent Review In 2012

A recent Wall Street Journal article, penned by Damian Paletta, says the Social Security Administration has commissioned an independent review of the Social Security disability system. The reason for the review is concerns that the system awards benefits to those who do not deserve them while denying those who do need them.

The review will be conducted by the Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS). The agency, as Patella informs, will have recommendations for an overhaul of the system in November of 2012. Below is an excerpt from the ACUS’s “About” page on their website:

The Administrative Conference of the United States is an independent federal agency dedicated to improving the administrative process through consensus-driven applied research, providing nonpartisan expert advice and recommendations for improvement of federal agency procedures. Its membership is composed of innovative federal officials and experts with diverse views and backgrounds from both the private sector and academia.

While the main reason for the study is mentioned above, the catalyst could have very well been a report from the Wall Street Journal earlier this year. The report, also penned by Paletta, tells the story of an Administrative Law Judge in West Virginia who had heard more than 2,000 disability cases and awarded benefits in all but four. His approval rating was 99.8 percent, which is far higher than other judges who hear the same amount of claims for benefits.

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