Social Security Administration Shows Benefits of Electronic File Transfers

An article in the American Medical News, which we found via the Disability News Blog (a great website to stay current on Social Security news) states that a test of electronic file transfer by the Social Security Administration and health providers has proved to be beneficial in receiving a quicker decision for people filing for Social Security disability benefits.

The initial test started with MedVirginia, a medical information exchange serving central Virgina. With this new process in place the Social Security Administration stated that the average waiting time on a decision was cut down from 83 days (roughly 3 months) to 32 days (roughly a month).

From February 29th to May 29th the Social Security Administration submitted 575 request for information via the electronic transfer. Out of those 575 request, 460 cases came back with evidence that was used to establish a need for benefits.

The test phase worked so well that the Social Security Administration will now begin exchanging information with a medical center in Boston. Later this year they will begin exchanging records with the North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance.